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RE/MAX Empowering Entreprenuers

Empowering Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

Want to grow? Real estate broker/owners who open or buy a RE/MAX real estate franchise do it because they want to take their success to the next level. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from brokers who made the switch – and soared!

A franchise culture that fosters success

When you’re surrounded by successful people, you’re more likely to succeed yourself. That’s the philosophy that’s made us the home of the top producer. If you’re looking to take your success further, let’s talk about real estate franchise opportunities in your area.

A Culture That Fosters Success

“I realized I needed to work with the best brokerage in the world in order to offer my clients the best service possible and to grow myself as an agent.”

Rose Giles, Toronto

Attract excellence to your franchise

RE/MAX attracts the industry’s top producers to their real estate franchises. How do we do it? Unmatched brand recognition. Industry-leading tools and technology. No-fee lead generation. In-depth training to boost knowledge and productivity. Great recruitment tools. And a company that genuinely empowers Broker/Owners to help their agents succeed.


Top Sellers
RE/MAX Agents outsell other Agents 2:1


Most Experienced
RE/MAX Agents average 15 years in the industry


Most Productive brokerages
32% of the most productive brokerages in the US are RE/MAX firms. That’s more than any other brand.


Most Productive

Average 16.3 transaction sides per Agent

9 / 10

Most Satisfied

RE/MAX Agents would recommend RE/MAX to other agents


Highest Volume

RE/MAX Agents averaged 79% more sales volume than competitors

The brand that builds your real estate business

Buyers and sellers around the globe think of RE/MAX first – that’s the power of our brand. Imagine the possibilities of leveraging real estate’s most recognized name for your real estate franchise.


In Brand Recognition


Fastest Growing Real Estate Franchise


In Global Home Sales


In Per Agent Productivity


As Many Visitors As Our Closest Competitor

Top 5

Most Recognized Franchisor in the World

A local real estate franchise gives you the world

RE/MAX brings the world to your door with cross-border capabilities our competitors can’t touch. All listings are automatically syndicated to, where 120,000+ Agents from 100+ countries market them to international buyers.

Only the best for our Brokers/Owners

With RE/MAX, you’re in business for yourself – not by yourself. Our Broker/Owners are supported by a dedicated regional team that delivers everything you need, from comprehensive onboarding to ongoing marketing, recruitment and operational support.

Holly Cascanette

Broker, RE/MAX

Holly has been a successful full-time Real Estate Broker for 27 years, beginning her real estate career in 1988 in Barrie. Holly grew up in Guelph, Ontario with real estate in her blood; both her mother and father were Real Estate Sales Rep/Brokers. She was a “Top Producer” with Homelife Kempenfelt Realty in Barrie for 12 years. Holly has held memberships in the Toronto and Barrie Real Estate Boards. She is an active member of the Lakeland Muskoka and Parry Sound Real Estate Boards.

Holly Cascanette
Jason Munn

Jason Munn

Broker/Owner, RE/MAX East Coast Realty

Jason has over 25 years sales experience and a consistent award winner for excellence in his field. Jason believes that honesty, integrity, and hard work are the keys to success. There is no secret for excellence, just work hard and always treat people the way that you expect to be treated. Jason and his team are known for offering superior customer service and for their strong negotiation skills.

Jason Pilon


The Pilon Group’s specialty is buying and selling real estate including new and existing residential and rural homes, condos and apartments. Striving to always provide honest, quality service, his team’s mission is to always meet or exceed the real estate needs of their clients.

Jason Pilon

Frequently Asked Brokerage Franchise Questions

A real estate franchise is a real estate brokerage which operates under the same real estate brand, sharing marketing approaches, resources and operational guidelines of the franchise, but functions independently. These shared resource and support systems within the franchise model help to grow the brand and reputation by empowering agents within a fiercely competitive industry.

As a real estate agent operating within Canada or the US, you are obligated to join either an independent brokerage or franchised brokerage.

As a licensed broker, you have the option to start your own brokerage, and can opt for an independent model, or adopt an established real estate franchise model.

Real estate franchises differ considerably, with each franchise representing their own set of values, pay structures, and levels of support for their agents.

When you buy into a real estate franchise, you are given a blueprint on how to run your business while adhering to certain guidelines and brand standards. With independent, non-franchised models, you have more freedom and flexibility to create your brand. national large-scale franchises typically come with robust resources, support, and referral networks.

Real estate franchises differ considerably, with each franchise having their own set of values, pay

structures, and levels of support for their agents. When you buy into a real estate franchise, you are

agreeing to a set of parameters for your business, in turn adopting these same values,

structures and business models. While independent, non-franchised models tend to offer freedom and

flexibility, national large-scale franchises typically come with robust resources, support, and referral


With RE/MAX, we believe you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. YOu have the opportunity to create a unique culture while having the support of the #1 brand in real estate and access to our global network. Want to learn more about Franchising with RE/MAX? Contact us today.

There are several costs to consider in the purchasing of a real estate franchise. There is an initial franchise investment fee, which includes office setup and opening costs, signage, supplies and inventory, as well as other miscellaneous costs. Typically, franchises will require an upfront cash payment, like a deposit.

As you build your team, there are costs payable to the franchise for each associate. This can include management fees, annual dues, and promotional fees.

On top of franchise licensing fees, are the standard costs associated with owning your own business, such as rent, utilities, and other operating costs.

Given the sizable cost required to buy a real estate franchise, ensure that you compare and contrast your options, to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your franchise investment. As well as the size of any up-front costs, royalties, or renewal fees, consider the amount of support that you are receiving from your franchise as a new business owner. A low start-up cost with minimal assistance may not be the best option if you are unfamiliar to the operating processes, and are looking for marketing and training resources and support as you start your new business venture.

When you open a franchise with RE/MAX INTEGRA, we work with you to decide what the best option for franchise ownership is. This isn’t a one size fits all. Contact us today to learn more about our options.

Each real estate franchise offers a distinct set of values, philosophies and compensation models. It’s important to know what you’re looking for before you start your search; doing so will help you better flush out real estate franchise options that don’t fit your criteria.

Look for franchises that tend to attract the best real estate brokers. Typically, this means the franchise has a strong brand reputation, a wealth of resources, fair compensation arrangements; all of which are also strong pulls for many hopeful franchisees.

Some of the commonalities among reputable real estate franchises include:

  • Proven and reliable technology systems
  • A strong brand presence
  • Established, thorough in-house training programs
  • A broad and profitable referral network
  • Ongoing, comprehensive business support

Remember that opting for the cheapest franchise option may not be the most beneficial financial move down the road. While your upfront costs are minimal, you may have to invest much more money at a later point to achieve the benefits provided by a more expensive franchise with substantial support services and business resources in place.

Want to learn more about partnering with RE/MAX? Contact us today.

As a licenced real estate broker, you have the option to start a real estate franchise or an independent brokerage. If you have thoroughly researched your options and settled upon a real estate franchise that aligns well with your needs, experience, and business objectives, then you’ll need to determine the legal structure of your brokerage. Enlist the help of an experienced real estate lawyer to help you navigate this process. Each legal structure will have its own financial and legal implications which will impact the way that your brokerage operates.

Take the time to create a detailed business plan that defines your mission, vision, target market, strategies, financial plan, and your SWOTs (your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

As part of your financial plan, ensure you consider how you plan to secure the funds necessary to open your real estate franchise. This should include covering franchise fees, as well as your business operating costs. While a bank loan may be an option, also consider a partnership scenario. A trusted partner can not only help with covering costs but can be a valuable source of support and advice as you run your business together.

Last but not least, before opening, ensure that your brokerage is not only registered with your local real estate board, but that you also have all legal paperwork required by your state or province in order to operate a real estate franchise.

Want to learn more about opening a Franchising with RE/MAX? Contact us today.

Real estate franchising is the process of buying into an existing, successful real estate business model, with a tried-and-tested blueprint for marketing and training, and an existing support and resource network. Also built into a franchise model, is name-recognition and goodwill.

Franchising, in the business sense, is a strategy for business expansion; by agreeing to start a franchised real estate brokerage, you are growing your own business, while expanding the network and reach of the established real estate franchise.

Those who elect to start their own brokerage by adopting an established real estate franchise model enjoy a number of support benefits and resources, including:

  • Meetings and conventions exclusive to franchise members
  • Toll-free support lines
  • Support for opening the business
  • Online and technical support and assistance
  • Established safety and security procedures
  • Tried-and-tested training processes, and on-going education opportunities
  • Assistance with field operations and site selection
  • Franchisee intranet platform

This list, of course, is not consistent across franchises, each of which offer unique levels of support for agents and franchisees. Ensure that you consider the extent of the support materials and resources offered when comparing franchise fees and royalties.

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