Open Home Pro: Not just for Open Houses

Open Home Pro: Not just for Open Houses

Open Home Pro is one of those apps that you won’t want to stop using once you start. It’s a great tool for having your Open House visitors sign in and a useful method for collecting accurate and legible information. However, using it only for Open Houses is not truly taking advantage of its full potential.

The versatile Open Home Pro app can also be used for collecting information when you are prospecting. For instance, are you going door knocking? How are you collecting contact information for follow up purposes? Are you getting the people you meet to sign up for your newsletter or market updates? Open Home Pro is quick and easy, and most importantly, it looks professional when you have them sign in on an iPad (Open Home Pro is now available for Android as well).

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Using Open Home Pro beyond open houses: When on the website to create a listing, use your Office Address and make sure you turn off automatic follow up e-mails. Leave the fields with bedroom, bathrooms, and price blank, and choose the questions you want to ask to ensure it is set up correctly. Now, when you go door knocking you can collect information as you go in a professional manner. After they enter their information, you can add in notes with their address and any other information you want to remember about the meeting.

You can also create multiple “listings” on Open Home Pro for different scenarios. You can keep individual ones for buyers, sellers, those moving up or down, investors, etc. Tailor several to different circumstances and have the questions change depending on the type of person you are talking to. It’s a great way to keep organized.  You can also create a generic one that just collects name and e-mail to easily add people to your Newsletter and then create a few others that are more specific when you are prospecting a more targeted group.

Have you used Open Home Pro for anything besides Open Houses? Let us know in the comments below.

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