Strong Trends in Real Estate

Strong Trends in Real Estate

Recent trends point to the potential for a big growth spurt in real estate. Consumer confidence is up, the chaotic Chinese stock market is driving their investors to consider real estate purchases, and the demand for housing will grow by almost 16 million over the next decade.

Here are three stories that chronicle that optimism.

US Consumer Confidence Rises

With the Great Recession behind us and sustained job growth coupled with the perceived potential for wage growth, American consumer spending is rising. If they’re opening their pocketbooks for retailers, how soon before real estate also experiences this wave of confidence?

National Real Estate Investor Online referenced a Cushman & Wakefield study which shows that consumer confidence has risen over 25% since October 2013 to its highest level since 2007.

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Future of Housing10 Year Housing Surge on the Horizon?

The National Association of Realtors is forecasting that 15.9 million households will be added by 2024. Looking at generational trends as well as ethnic diversity, they expect “housing market growth over the next decade that would be among the strongest the U.S. has ever seen.”

Basing their data on a recent report from the Mortgage Bankers Association, he NAR believes the growth will be spurred by households both below 45 and above 60.

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How the Chinese Stock Market Crash Affects Real Estate

The Chinese stock market has seen a great deal of fluctuation in its valuation in the last few months. With that valuation down by 30 percent, Chinese citizens are re-thinking their investment strategies.

Inman News worked with East-West Property Advisors to identify the effect of that market on the US economy and in specific the real estate market. They found that of the potential investors they spoke to, 50 percent were looking into acquiring overseas real estate.

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