Protect Yourself With the Emergensee App

Protect Yourself With the Emergensee App

In the wake of the Beverly Carter incident last September and more recent incidents, your security should be very top of mind as you work within your communities. EmergenSee assists you in your vigilance by allowing you to initiate live streaming video, audio, and GPS data to your security contacts all with a single tap on your smart phone (Android or iOS).

Below are some of the ways EmergenSee can help keep you safe:

  • Streams live video & audio
  • Track your location and movements with GPS
  • Select SafeWalk for a Security Operator Live Video Escort when walking through an area you are unsure of
  • Have the ability to report crimes anonymously
  • Pre-set an alarm for the expected time you are planning on being gone. If the timer expires before you deactivate the alarm, EmergenSee will notify your safety contacts.
  • Email and text messages sent to your safety contacts
  • “Start in Incident” in stealth mode when involved in difficult situations.
  • Communicate with professional monitoring and security teams through two-way texting.
  • Geo-Fencing technology
  • In-App 9-1-1

While digital showings of listings in a safe environment like your brokerage may help reduce future risks, technology like the Emergensee app can help you stay safe in your business roles. There are plenty of security features to help assure you that only thing you have to worry about is running a successful business.

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