Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand Marketing Strategy

A frequent talking point in real estate has been branding. How do you increase the “stickiness”/awareness at a brokerage, team, or personal level when consumers are thinking about real estate? Part of it is advertising, but building and maintaining a brand that resonates should also be a key goal.

Brand Focus – Through the Consumers’ Eyes

Brand isn’t just what you are putting out, it’s also what your consumers are taking in. You can claim many things, but if that’s not resonating with your clients, it’s not effective. Look at what value you can provide above and beyond what you say if you want to overcome this gap.

Ask your clients for feedback and testimonials so you have an accurate sense of what your perceived brand is. If you aren’t seen as the expert you know you are – it’s time to demonstrate it for them. Provide them with value – statistics, data, and checklists that help them buy or sell a home. Embrace video – it’s a great differentiator and it’s something that

Are you providing information to help them with the home-buying/selling process in formats they can utilize? Have you embraced video to authentically share your experiences and demonstrate your expertise?

Aesthetics of the Brand

Placester recently penned a guide to looking like a team with a number of suggestions for brokers and team leaders to focus on to create a cohesive, professional brand. Here are a few key points from that article that can help make sure your brand is being properly conveyed within your organization.

  1. Logo: Your logo should be easily accessible by everyone in your team/staff in both print and web formats.
  2. Email Addresses: Your email can also be a key element to your brand, so don’t use @gmail (and definitely not @aol) – use something that instantly communicates your brand both in the address and in the signature. If you want to keep the functionality of Gmail but brand it to you – Get Google Apps for Work.
  3. Messaging: The content you share should also reflect your brand, so make sure that everyone who communicates for you is on the same page


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