Pinterest for Real Estate

Pinterest for Real Estate

Pinterest is a massively popular social platform with strengths in visual storytelling and merchandising products. Like Instagram and others, it’s built around pictures, but in this sense it’s tied to boards usually around a specific theme, often projects like a bathroom remodel, an event, or dream homes.

Pinterest began as a central hub to share home décor ideas, recipes, wedding/baby concepts, and fashion tips. It has since expanded to a much wider audience.

Any endeavor where you’re attempting to relay feelings and experiences through images can be a good fit for Pinterest. By building out boards around your interests, you tell people who you are and you create connections with them. As people look for ideas to pin to their own boards, they will encounter your ideas and follow your boards.

Like most other social media – Pinterest is free. Some surveys have shown that Pinterest users stay on longer and with higher engagement than the average social media user. To connect with them, you need to tap into your passions whether that’s landscaping, home renovation, classic cars, or vintage art. Boards can be emailed directly to your clients or posted on Facebook and tagged. Using this latter approach will give you a broader reach as all of you clients’ connections will see that you are being thoughtful and sharing. Always remember to use the “saw this and thought of you” mentality and it will leave a lasting impact.

Pinterest Tactics

Try integrating Pinterest into your ongoing efforts to maintain a connection with your past/present clients. Create a board once a month featuring a different room of the home with remodeling ideas or even just showing ideas with paint colors. This can be included on a monthly newsletter or your Facebook timeline. Even if someone has just closed, they are thinking about personalizing their space so this will provide them with a creative outlet and help you stay in front of them for referrals down the road.

Working on a home project of your own? Create a board and post photos of the progress. On vacation and intrigued by the real estate in that area? Set up a series based on the variety of homes you have seen around the country or in another country. Are you a foodie? Showcase some of your favorite dishes or desserts. The images do all the work for you, very little text is required.

To get started, check out this article on several ideas of Boards for Real Estate. With over 70 million active monthly users, you need to incorporate Pinterest into your daily routine. Check out the videos on this page to learn more about how to Pinterest can affect your business.

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