5 Marketing Automation Tips to Save You Time

5 Marketing Automation Tips to Save You Time

Marketing automation is a great way to save you time and money. You don’t need an expensive program to get started, just take some time to identify what you want to accomplish and then look around at the tools that can get you there. Here are 5 fairly quick to implement solutions to begin your new workflow.

1. Start Using If This, Then That

IFTT.com is number 1 because it has the greatest opportunity to save you time and keep you on track. For example – If you star an email in Gmail, it will set a reminder for you to follow up. You can also dictate via a phone call to your email box or your calendar. Running late for a meeting – with the tap of a button you can email them your current location. You can also save your receipts to Evernote automatically.

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2. Automate Email Marketing Campaign with a Blog and Mailchimp

YourMailChimp is a great tool for small businesses looking to automate email marketing. If your subscriber list is 2,000 or less and you send out fewer than 12,000 emails per month, the service is free. With a blog platform like WordPress, you can create compelling content for your readers with statistics you can track for ROI. MailChimp then takes your blog feed, wraps it in a template of your choosing, and sends it out as a weekly/monthly digest to your subscribers.

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3. Website – Integrate Social Media vs. Buttons

Data suggests that social media buttons don’t generate clicks. You now have much better methods for integrating social media directly into your website where you can measure it. Example – last month we integrated our Facebook Feed directly into this site and it’s already the number 3 attraction. Every time we update the content on Facebook, WordPress automatically integrates it.

If your site provider doesn’t offer plug-ins, you may be able to manually integrate important status updates.

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4. Automate Instagram Post to Facebook Company Page

Instagram is a hot image-sharing social network that you/your team should be on to attract millennials who have left Facebook. RISMedia notes “the average interaction on Instagram is about ten times higher than on Facebook.”  You can kill two birds with one stone – post an interesting picture of your new listing to Instagram, and have it auto-magically appear on your Facebook company page to bolster that campaign.

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5. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Certain times of day generate more buzz for your posts. Part of it is cyclical for all users, but part is based off of when your followers seem to react more. You don’t have to be on at those times – you can queue things up to go out with a program like HootSuite or within the systems themselves like Facebook’s schedule a post feature.

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