Work Life Balance – A Systems Approach

Work Life Balance – A Systems Approach

As an agent or a broker, your time is valuable and people constantly make demands on it – including your family and friends. To overcome the hurdles of developing a work life balance, you may want to consider creating a systems based approach to manage both sides of the equation.

Six Keys to Work Life Balance Success

1. Set Expectations – This is the key to RE/MAX broker/owner Leigh Thomas Brown’s approach. When she talks to clients, she lets them know what her business hours are, when they can call her, and when she will get back to them if they contact her during her non-work hours. For Leigh, she lets them know that her standard office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm and then she’s home to spend time with her family before getting up at 4am to run and then work from home until office hours. She has a team to deal with buyers who need showings during her off hours and she’s not afraid to refer out people who demand more than what she’s offered. Check out the 19 minute 38 seconds mark on the video above to hear Leigh explain her systems.

2. Treat Your Family Like a Valued Client – Family provides you with the strength to get through the rough times. If you don’t make time for them, how do you expect them to be there for you when you need them? Treat them like a luxury client – set aside time in your week for them where your team or a friend will cover calls and emails so that you can devote your full focus to their needs.

3. Make Time for FitnessThe Mayo Clinic notes that daily exercise reduces your chance of coming down with something, improves your mood, and boosts your energy in addition to providing you with a great opportunity to think through issues you are grappling with while your body is otherwise occupied. The key here, is you’re going to be better able to deal with clients and less likely to lose time to disease or seasonal maladies.

4. Organize Your Work Life – Utilize a tool like Google Calendar or Outlook’s calendar to share your day with your team or co-workers. This allows you to prioritize in advance and have some sense of what will be happening for the day and what you need to accomplish before that January vacation you’re planning for. Also adopt a CRM to make sure you are following up effectively on your leads. If you don’t want to spend money on one, you can use a free tool like Trello to help you get organized.

5. Build a Team – If you can’t fit it all in, you need help. Begin with an assistant (real or virtual) and a buyer’s agent who can take over the demanding clients. Check out our previous posts on building effective teams and recruiting millennials for help with this task.

Work Life Productivity6. Boost Your Productivity – RealtorMag recently posted some great suggestions about how to boost your productivity that you may want to check out. Among their suggestions – organize your physical workspace to maximize your focus, create more than one to-do list to make sure you aren’t missing any of your commitments, and block out time each week in one hour increments where you can work on important, time-consuming tasks without the threat of distractions and disruptions looming over your head.

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