Video Marketing – Setting the Tone

Video Marketing – Setting the Tone

Video is an expected marketing channel by many clients who spend more of their time watching video than reading. From listing videos to client testimonials, real estate agents who have embraced video are seeing growth through marketing exposure.

If you’re looking to master it, one of the factors involved is setting the right tone. There are 2 major tones you need to consider – Authentic or Professional.

Professional Tone

This is the tone you are used to – well rehearsed, impeccably edited movies are the norm on TV and in movie theaters. The obvious example of this is a listing video that walks potential buyers through your listings and creates a sense of the experience of living there. This is also great for client testimonials, neighborhood informational videos to demonstrate expertise, and videos about your value to potential clients.

Pre-Listing Team Video – Tone: Professional

Authentic Tone

Authentic tone is aimed at developing a rapport with people. You don’t have the time or money to over-produce every video you do, so sometimes you take a web camera or a phone in selfie mode, and you relate directly to your audience. You still need to focus on lighting, sound quality, and delivery.

Don’t worry if you’re perfect – you can miscue a little and it humanizes you. Just don’t set an iPad next to the camera and try to read from it. We can tell, and it ruins the authenticity of the moment. After you send out a few of these, you will lose your “camera-shy” sense and start to own your video personality, you just need to push through it.

Some great example of videos that should be shot in the authentic tone – lead response videos, personalized email videos, updates on changes to the market, and touch points in a client retention campaign.

Weekly/Monthly Video to Clients – Tone: Authentic

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