What You Should Know About Podcasts

What You Should Know About Podcasts

Podcasts offer growth minded agents and brokers an opportunity to improve their habits and skills. Think of all the time you spend in a car, prepping a home for a showing, or waiting for a client. Throw in exercise time, meal prep, and your morning rituals and you can find plenty of opportunities to learn what it takes to outperform your competition rather than listening to radio programs or surfing Netflix.

Video podcast – Curaytor’s Water Cooler

Where videos require your full attention, podcasts only require you to listen. If you want to get the most out of them – take notes during or after the episodes to identify action items that you can implement, ideas to explore further, or new resources you didn’t know about. Actively listening is great, but taking the time to create takeaways for future use are going to make the time you spend far more productive in the long run and help you to transfer that information more effectively to other people.

Most podcasts are consumed on mobile devices like iPhones and Androids. To access them, you can either subscribe to them via iTunes or apps like Stitcher on your Windows or Android devices. Subscribing will deliver the new content directly to your device, so it’s available to you on the go without needing to maintain Internet connectivity.

Real Estate Specific

WaterCooler by Curaytor – This is a weekly podcast by real estate marketing experts Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin focusing on “business, marketing, technology and real estate.”

Mobile Agent TV – A weekly podcast by two working agents helping agents achieve success and implement technology.

Unlisted with Brad Inman – An interview podcast by the head of Inman News covering all aspects of real estate

Real Estate Coaching Radio – a daily podcast for the real estate industry. They cover news, advice, and interviews with industry experts.


Manager Tools – a must listen podcast for managers and brokers who want to know how to help their employees and agents set and achieve goals.

The Growth Show – tips from business leaders on how to develop as a leader, improve your brand, and grow a company.

The Unmistakable Creative – Interviews with experts from diverse fields on how to live and work more successfully.


Social Media Examiner Show – Daily 10 minute no-nonsense podcasts to help you achieve success implementing social media.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Podcast – Gary is a marketing guru who grew a wine site into a multi-million-dollar business in the early days of the web. He speaks from a very passionate and authentic voice that is compelling.

Craft of Marketing – Placester’s Seth Price dives into various aspects of marketing to help you better advertise and build your brand.

Creating Your Own

Blogging isn’t for everyone and video can make you very self-conscious, but if you can talk, podcasting might be a good option for you to build your brand. You could provide monthly updates on local market conditions or perhaps help first time home buyers/sellers with the real estate process. There are plenty of how-to guides on YouTube to get started. One great suggestion is to focus on shorter, bite-sized podcasts.

Your top priority after planning is quality sound – listeners don’t want to hear you talking in a crowded office, so make sure you have a place with low ambient sound. If you’re recording at home, consider turning off the AC/furnace while you work as your microphone will likely pick up that noise. In addition, you want a decent microphone – not the integrated one on your headphones. You can probably start out with a decent USB microphone like the Audio Technica ATR-2100 for around $60 or theYeti Blue which is just north of $100.

You will also need somewhere to store the files. Sound Cloud offers a great opportunity to test the waters for free, but after a certain number of podcasts, you’ll need to get a $7 or $15/month account. Then you need to submit your podcast to iTunes/Stitcher and advertise your podcast in social media, emails, and in-person conversations with clients and leads.

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