Innovation and Luxury Marketing

Innovation and Luxury Marketing

According to research by the Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Experience, three out of four luxury purchases are influenced by online activities. This should lead luxury marketing to increasingly embrace digital as their consumers spend more time on their mobile devices and social media than ever before.

But luxury brands haven’t been embracing it, potentially to their detriment. Luxury is more about timelessness than revolutionary. Even Apple will often wait for technology like 4G to mature before they adopt it to avoid a disjointed customer experience. There is still value to meticulously crafted print brochures with beautiful hardwoods, unique lighting fixtures, and an unparalleled eye for detail. But the time has come to embrace the new technology and take luxury marketing to a new level.

Digital media has become the new form of traditional media. Reaching your target luxury consumer through a seamless, digital strategy across multiple platforms is key to your success. The future of luxury home marketing needs to combine social media and a rich mobile-friendly experience that exceeds the scope of traditional marketing.

Case Study: The Social Home Tour 2.0. Carvalho Hosken, one of the largest Brazilian construction companies, and Artplan joined forces to create a new experience for potential home buyers. They melded technology, social media, and what we already know about the real estate industry to create a more personalized, luxury experience. Potential buyers can view homes complete with framed versions of their Facebook photos scattered throughout. Traditional marketing might have stopped there, but Hosken & Artplan layered in songs from their favorite artists and culminated the personalized event with their favorite meal.

With ideas like this, we can combine the new with the old to create a luxury experience home buyers will never forget.

RE/MAX Collection is investing in a multi-channel approach to reach this very sophisticated group of buyers and sellers.

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