360 Video Cameras and Real Estate

360 Video Cameras and Real Estate

If you’ve always wanted to walk through a home or a community, providing running commentary while viewers pan around you to see things from multiple angles – the technology is here. 360 video cameras are able to capture the world around you and share it with the world on Facebook or YouTube.

Once you pair that with virtual reality (VR) goggles, you can create an immersive environment for your clients and friends. Use the pan feature in the upper left of the video below to understand how the technology works:

State of the Technology

The technology is currently evolving, much like television technology went from standard definition, to HD, and now is transitioning to 4K. Instead of capturing a slice of scenery, you’re having to extend that around in a full circle, plus up and down, so the number of pixels to be photo-realistic is incredibly high. As such, there is a distinct difference between the consumer and pro models.


The two leaders in the consumer space are the Ricoh Theta S and the LG 360. Here’s some sample footage of the Theta, suspended from a drone.

As you can see, the visuals aren’t quite on par with what you saw with the first video. The light levels, color saturation, and resolution are because they are mounting a very wide angle lens on top of a camera so they can get a full hemisphere of video.


GoPro recently came out with their 360 video camera ($6,000 – GoPro Omni) which utilize 6 cameras synced up to capture video at a much higher resolution without the need for lens distortion. There’s still some editing to do after video creation.
Beyond this is the Nokia OZO which goes for 10 times the price tag of the Omni and is being used by studios like Disney to offer virtual reality experiences to engage their potential audiences.

Where Does it Fit In a Real Estate Agent’s Toolbox?

The technology at present does not provide the visual quality that high end digital showings and residential videography can offer to make your listings pop, especially if you’re working at the luxury price point. This is something that you would utilize if you’re walking/driving around your community to provide commentary for potential buyers.

Another opportunity is if you’re brand-building as a tech savvy agent on social media – take it to real estate events and capture highlights with it.

Brandon Doyle of the Doyle Real Estate Team in Minnesota has done just that and suggests:

As this technology progresses, you’ll be able to live broadcast from your open house or possibly share the video on sites like Zillow which currently only allow agents to upload 2D video tours that have been captured with their app…. There are many companies emerging that allow you to build your own digital showing by linking these photos spheres together.

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