Coaching Your Team to Success

Coaching Your Team to Success

Whether you are a broker or team leader, helping your associates to be successful benefits you financially and creates loyalty. One of the main ways to do this is by coaching your team – either by building a coaching plan of your own or implementing a nationally recognized one like Tom Ferry, Travis Robertson, or Brian Buffini.

Key #1: Set Goals

Regardless of which path you choose, the key first step is to identify the goals you want to accomplish. Do you need to help them manage their time better? Do you need to focus on generating more leads or closing more sides? This will help you either find the relevant coaching program that you will adopt or will guide you in developing your own.

If you choose to build your own – focus on a tight group of objectives that can be successfully achieved so that you are setting yourself up for success. Hold other goals in reserve for future modules you might want to implement.

Key #2: Plan Out Your Program

Decide how many weeks you want this coaching session to go. Try and determine what you feel is a reasonable per week improvement and then set your end date based on your final goal. Identify incentives that you can implement as you reach landmarks in your process, like hosting a pizza party at the midway point if over 50% of the team makes the goal.

Will you be the sole coach or will you lean on your more experienced agents to help out? If you do, create a reward structure for them and consider having them each lead a group of agents in a competitive push toward the goals so you can help them develop their leadership skills.

Key #3: Measure Results During Implementation

If you aren’t tracking results during your program, the effects will quickly diminish. Real estate tends to attract competitive people and a weekly update on Monday may be just what they need to push them to success. Show where team members are at vs. their overall goals so if they have an off-week they can re-double their efforts to catch up.

Key #4: Celebrate Success & Re-Connect With Motivation

At specific points along the path, you need to commit to those opportunities to celebrate what has been accomplished. It’s easy to get disheartened after a few weeks if you’re not successful, so take aside people who are lagging and discuss what it will mean to them if they achieve success. You need to reconnect them with the enthusiasm they had at the start and if necessary, work on modifying their goals if they have become insurmountable so that you can help them achieve some success rather than giving up.

Those that are being successful can also use feedback to inspire them to continue along their path. That’s where your incentive program comes into play – all the incentives should not be tied to the end, but to landmarks along the way to maintain velocity.

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