7 Tips to Maximize Your Email Signature

7 Tips to Maximize Your Email Signature

With every email you send out to prospective customers, agents, and partners you have an opportunity to create a connection. You can maximize this connection by creating an email signature that reflects your business in the best light possible. Invest the time now to think strategically now, and it will pay off in each of the thousands of emails you will send out this year.

1. Include Your Website

You’ve probably spent considerable time and money developing a website – don’t be afraid to link to it. It can be as simple as text or if you use a logo you can set it up to link to your website.

2. Social Media Icons – Create a Strategy

This one is tricky – some say social media icons matters, others say that they are a waste of time. Only you can decide whether you are devoting enough time to social media for it to matter in your business. That said, limit your links to those that you are most active on and make the icons consistent in size and style. If your last Google+ post was over a year ago, remove the icon.

3. Targeted Phone Numbers

How do you want your clients to contact you – on your mobile phone or your office phone? Put that one first because they are likely to call the first one listed. Don’t bother with the fax number – if they’re reading an email they probably will email you files rather than faxing them. If you work with clients who are avid texters, consider listing your mobile phone number as Phone/SMS or Phone/TXT so that they know you’re available through either format.

4. Say Yes to Tables

Most mail programs use old school web code, which means that if you want your email signature to be stylish and consistent from Gmail to Outlook, it should be around 600 pixels wide and you should use a table to get the layout you want. If you use Gmail, you can design it in MS Word using the table feature – like the video to the right. If you’re using Outlook, there is table functionality built into the system.

5. Link to Videos

Some services like BombBomb will help you embed videos directly into your emails, which increases the clickthrough rate and drives engagement. If you’re not using this service and want to capitalize on client testimonial videos, consider embedding a screen capture from the video and linking to the video on your website or YouTube.

6. Stay Consistent Across Your Team/Brokerage

Create a template for your team or brokerage and get everyone on board with it. Partners and clients may see emails from multiple team members. Consistency suggests a heightened level of professionalism, inspiring confidence in your brand.

7. Test Your Signature

Before you start sending out emails with your new signature – test it out on multiple email programs. You definitely want to check it out on Gmail and Outlook, but send it around the office and see if it looks wonky in anyone’s inbox. If you wind up with issues – simplify and test again.

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