7 Facebook Live for Real Estate Tips

7 Facebook Live for Real Estate Tips

Haven’t you always wanted to live broadcast a house walkthrough/open house or the testimonial of an excited client who has just sold/bought a house? Facebook Live provides opportunities to real estate agents to be on the scene with commentary and provide feedback to people viewing and interacting with them on their phone or computer.

In today’s attention economy, part of your digital marketing strategy has to be getting in front of people in a meaningful way. According to Facebook statistics – “Five-hundred million people now collectively watch 100 million hours of Facebook video every day.” That comes out to 20 minutes of video per person a day. Facebook even gives higher ranking to Facebook Live streams, which means that your friends are more likely to see your video post than your new listing post when they check their newsfeed.

Digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk has been recommending Facebook Live for real estate professionals. “Using Facebook to do live, virtual open houses is going to be a monumental move. I expect multiple people to email me over the next 24 months to say they sold a house to someone who was watching on Facebook instead of going to a traditional viewing.”

Facebook Live Best Practices for Real Estate

  1. Get comfortable on video. Let’s face it, going on camera can be unnerving. But those who can push past this fear will be the ones who can use the medium to build their business. Practice in front of a mirror first, then record yourself with a camcorder or smart phone. Watch your performance, noting the “umms” and other filler words. Practice slowing your speech down so that your brain can keep up. Build up to bigger videos with short teasers online regarding your local market. This will help you build confidence for the deeper plunge.
  2. Practice your video shoot. If you’re going to broadcast an open house, don’t go live on your first walkthrough. Take the same phone you’ll be using and record a trial run, then play it back. Find where you need to improve the lighting so people can see details. Identify if there is a best time of day based on natural lighting. Test your signal in the house and see if you can run off the owner’s wi-fi. Before your first live broadcast, create a live broadcast that only you can see by changing the audience. Ready to go live? Here’s the tutorial.


  • Drive traffic to your broadcast. Post advance notice on Facebook of your scheduled broadcast to drive interest. Then let targeted clients know via email or text. Since you can’t boost the video while it’s live, you need to market it in advance. You can also take a little time to come up with an enticing tagline you will use with your video.
  • Give feedback to your audience. People can like, love, or comment on your video. Take the time to respond to those comments live to build engagement. If you find it awkward, bring an assistant or team member to run the phone.
  • Boost the video afterwards. Your video will appear in newsfeeds after you conclude. To reach the maximum audience, you can invest a little money into the boost your post feature. You can also download your video and upload it to your YouTube channel [VIDEO] to increase visibility.
  • Track your impact. If you are planning to do this more than once, look into what works and what doesn’t. Social Media Examiner has a great breakdown on how to analyze your reach.
  • Get fancy later. When you are successful, think about kicking it up a notch. You can broadcast on Facebook Live from your computer with Open Broadcast Software (OBS). This software allows you to switch between a webcam and your computer screen. This means you can flip between showing a house and showing stats on the house or the neighborhood. Full tutorial here [VIDEO]
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