Top 5 Trends in Luxury Homes

Top 5 Trends in Luxury Homes

As you prepare for 2017, now is a good time to look at the trends in luxury homes to help your clients. Here are five key indicators to help you capitalize on the luxury market sector.

1. New with Classic Accents

Luxury homes are full of modern conveniences from the time you walk in the front door. But that doesn’t mean the overall look has to be new and modern. Locations rich in architectural history appeal to luxury buyers who are now looking for things such as renovated classic apartments and features such as exposed brick.

2. Simplicity is Key

Although luxury buyers find character appealing, there is a bold line separating it from clutter. Having too much in one space can turn potential buyers away. Trim your design elements and technology down to show off the space. Simple, intuitive, easy and efficient are all features that will appeal to buyers who are looking for a special touch in their new home.

3. Green is In

Luxury homebuyers are beginning to care more about green space and green living. Landscaping, curb appeal, rooftop gardens and more are all features that will appeal to potential buyers. Whether it is a condo that has made an effort to reduce its environmental impact, or a home that has environmentally friendly features, green is here to stay.

4. Kitchens Sell Houses

Kitchens are becoming just as beautiful as they are functional. From clean contemporary styles, farmhouse sinks, and functional islands, kitchens are no longer simply a space for preparing and cooking meals. Kitchens are hubs for entertaining and relaxing – new designs are reflecting that.

5. Mixing Indoor and Outdoor

Buyers who are looking for a truly luxurious space will look for the opportunity to have their favorite indoor and outdoor spaces blend. From outdoor fireplaces with cozy outdoor furniture, to exterior kitchens that rival many indoor spaces, the sky is the limit.

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