Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Facebook Ads for Real Estate

If your Facebook page or profile aren’t generating the leads you’ve been looking for, or one of your listings is languishing on the market, it’s time to consider Facebook Ads for real estate lead generation. The ability to target niche markets such as “likely to move” or income brackets can help you jump start your lead generation.

1. Integrate Facebook Ads with Your Existing Lead Generation

Facebook Ads should not replace your existing campaigns, they should supplement. You’re making sure they see you through print, email, and digital marketing. Everything is about visibility and staying top of mind. When someone’s making a decision about a real estate agent, you want to be in the running.

2. Narrow the field

Facebook Ads has great tools for breaking down potential recipients by demographics. You can target age groups, zip codes, income levels, and of course the “likely to move” behavior. Bear in mind when targeting these that your ad itself does not attempt to exclude any demographic based on your state’s ethical standard guidelines. Facebook used to let you target by race which could have constituted a violation.

3. Determine the goal

Are you looking to get page likes? There’s a step-by-step guide on Inman News that will walk you through how to set that up.

Want to increase visibility to a listing? Utilize Placester’s guide to boosting a post to direct people to your listing post.

Want to increase your buyer or seller leads? Use an ad to link to a landing page with a valuable resource like an eBook or video with tips for buyers or sellers. Ask for their email address in exchange for the free resource. Hubspot has a great resource with 15 types of content they have used to generate leads via landing pages.

4. Determine your budget

Facebook will charge more per result based on the type of result you are requesting. If you’re just looking for visibility, they’ll display it on Facebook and Instagram streams for you and count each one as a result. From there you get into clicks and page likes which are going to be more expensive. You may want to consider multiple campaigns throughout the year, stretching your budget out to increase visibility for your business, increase views of listings that are more difficult to market, and capture the email addresses of future clients.

Here’s a great infographic to get you started:

Guide to Facebook Ads

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