Video Marketing Made Simple

Video Marketing Made Simple

According to Hubspot, in 2017 video will make up 74% of all web traffic. If you haven’t embraced video, you’ve probably been waiting for video marketing made simple (the kind where you don’t have to appear on camera). One option to get you there is Animoto.

This online tool allows you to utilize video and still shots of your listings along with text to create more excitement than your traditional set of listing photos. You can also quickly generate post-closing congratulatory montages for your buyers and sellers to cement your relationship with them. They also have business development options like testimonial videos you can share on Facebook and slideshow videos to describe your value proposition.

The Case for Video Marketing Made Simple

As with any marketing strategy, there is a cost in time and money. The learning curve isn’t as steep on this as regular video production, but the trade off is a subscription-based pricing model, which means if you don’t commit to it, you will be spending money every month like gym memberships. You need to set your mind to the value it will provide. Are listing photos doing anything for you on Facebook? Were you aware that video boosts click through rates by 65%?

The infographic below tells the tale of the modern consumer. It is estimated that 78% of consumers watch video online every week and 55% every day. According to the New York Times, Facebook has 50 minutes of your time every day and they prioritize video because it means that people will spend more time on their site. According to PC World, the average YouTube session on mobile platforms is 40 minutes long.

Buyers and sellers are looking to you to provide them with video content. If you haven’t already embraced it, this is the year to do so before clients start looking elsewhere. If you’re looking for more research on implementing video into your video strategy, check out Placester’s guide to 23 videos worth creating and our tips to implemeting Facebook Live.

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