Resources to Help You Conduct Business During this Period of Uncertainty

During this time of uncertainty, it’s important to stay positive – and well informed. To help you stay current with business best practices, while navigating the constantly-changing environment, we’ve collected the following resources. Whether you’re focused on the safety of your buyers and sellers or you are looking to improve your social networking while social distancing – these resources provide strong counsel to keep you productive, purposeful and positive.


The CARES Act includes several provisions that could prove helpful to you, such as:
  • New and expanded Small Business Administration loan programs for small businesses, including real estate agents
  • Relief for businesses with existing SBA loans
  • Expanded unemployment benefits
  • Retirement account withdrawals, free of penalties
  • Tax deferrals and benefits for self-employed individuals and independent contractors
  • Family Leave and Sick Leave protections

Check out these resource links for more information

Tips for Conducting Your Business Virtually

Now is the time to embrace technology and learn new ways to run your business virtually. We have collected a variety of resources from all over the web to help educate you on how to run your business in a virtual world.

Tips for Working Remotely

Working with Your Clients and Team

Virtual Open Houses

Protecting Your Communities

In this uncertain time, it’s more important than ever to focus on protecting your buyers and sellers. The resources cited here will help you identify best practices suggested by industry professionals.

Industry Articles

You’re not alone. We as a real estate industry are in this together. See what NAR and other publications are saying during this time.

NAR Articles

Market Statistics

Industry News

Educating and Engaging Clients

During this uncertain time, clients want to hear from you. As isolation and working from home becomes the new normal, we all have a need to feel connected. Check out the resources below and how you can continue to be of service to your clients

Relief Information for Homeowners

Some states are offering relief programs for homeowners. Check out the resources below and do your due diligence to see if your state is offering any relief programs you can send to your clients.

The RE/MAX Community

The power is in the network. Today, more than ever, it’s imperative that we lean into the real estate community and help one another get through this uncertain time.

Information on Essential Services

RE/MAX INTEGRA supports offices New England, Midwest and Canada. Below you’ll find each states essential services list and links to the realtor association site for more information on conducting your business during this time.

List of states and provinces where real estate is considered essential that RE/MAX INTEGRA does business in.

States: Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick

Vermont has not declared real estate an essential service.

Indiana has declared real estate an essential service.
Wisconsin has declared real estate an essential service.
Minnesota has declared real estate an essential service.
Maine has declared real estate an essential service.
Vermont has not declared real estate an essential service.
New Hampshire has declared real estate as a essential service
Massachusetts has declared real estate as an essential service
Connecticut has declared real estate as an essential service.
Rhode Island has declared real estate as an essential service.
New Brunswick has declared real estate as an essential service.
Nova Scotia has declared real estate as an essential service.
Prince Edward Island has declared real estate as an essential service.

Canada Resources

Relief Information for Homeowners

RE/MAX Media Coverage in Canada

Information by Province

Nova Scotia has declared real estate as an essential service.
Prince Edward Island has declared real estate as an essential service.

This guidance will be continually updated based on current directives from the WHO, the CDC and the White House.

When open houses just won’t work – like in many areas of the world right now – it may come time to host a virtual open house instead.

As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 continuously evolve, RE/MAX HQ remains as committed as ever to supporting affiliates.


As a result of the COVID19 pandemic we are in an unprecedented healthcare and economic crisis. The measures to control the pandemic and reduce the spread of the virus have put extraordinary pressure on our industry.

In order to assist our network to maintain operations as much as possible and as much as currently permitted, RE/MAX INTEGRA has gathered resources in a resource hub (Resource Hub) for your convenience and reference. The materials in the Resource Hub are made available for you to consider using in your brokerage operations. The materials that are included in the Resource Hub are not mandatory, and whether you use them is your decision. RE/MAX has not vetted these materials and cannot guarantee that they are appropriate or that they conform to the applicable legal requirements in your municipality, province, or state. It is your responsibility as a Broker/Owner to ensure that the materials and procedures that you put in place are reasonable, appropriate, and conform to the applicable laws, regulations, and public health guidance.

You should pay particular attention to any of the materials in the Resource Hub that apply to in-person meetings or home showings as these activities have the greatest likelihood of contributing to the spread of the COVID19 virus. We strongly recommend that you check in frequently with your local public health officials as guidance on in-person contact has changed frequently and it may vary based on where you or the home being sold is located. As a reminder, all open houses, door knocking, card and pamphlet drops, and face-to-face meetings must cease until further notice.

You should also be monitoring the news and other sources of official updates for instructions from local and provincial governments in the event that in-person meetings of any kind are prohibited by law including as a result of an order made pursuant to a state of emergency.

The materials in the Resource Hub are provided for informational use only and are not intended to be shared outside of the RE/MAX System.

This material is not an offering. The information in this material is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise; it is for informational purposes only.  A franchise is offered in many jurisdictions only by delivery of a franchise disclosure document to you in compliance with applicable franchise disclosure laws. Further, if you are currently affiliated with another franchisor, this material is not intended to offer a RE/MAX franchise or to solicit a change in affiliation. RE/MAX INTEGRA, 7101 Syntex Dr., Mississauga, ON, L5N6H5 Minnesota File No. F-1659