Imagine walking up the equivalent of 30 stories, geared up from head to toe for the ride of your life. You grab a crash-rated helmet, an awkwardly fitting spandex suit and some 9’ skis to act as your wings. You embrace a moment of peace and solemnity and gently climb out on the edge of a 2-inch bar overlooking the entire Twin Cities Metro. That moment of solitude quickly changes as you point your skis down the hill, let go of that bar and hurtle yourself more than 50mph down a ramp. Inevitably, this ramp ends and you have to make that decision of fight or flight. In less than a third of a second you go from a stable crouched position to all muscles exploding in unison to catapult yourself into air in complete free-fall! Do you freak-out? No, instead you take a big breath, focus your mind, prepare your body for what it has been trained to do and let yourself fly! For some of us, this might sound like a dream, but for Chris Broz of RE/MAX Advantage Plus and his athletes at The Minneapolis Ski Club, this is very much a normal everyday thing!

Chris Broz became a world recognized professional ski jumper by the age of just 13 years old.  Raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the trajectory of his life has been much different than the typical 38-year-old. Having spent most of his formative years traveling the world to chase a dream which most of us can’t even fathom, Broz (as he is regularly known) literally took the sport by storm! After many years of success, he decided to return to the states and start a family at the young age of 21.  Faced with the fear of being a “no talent clown,” he did what any logical person would do and got into real estate! If the world of ski jumping was hard, Broz was in for the journey of lifetime and made his mark in real estate during what has historically been referred to as the toughest time in our industry.

In addition to showing the Twin Cities that he was to be a force to be reckoned with in real estate, he also decided to go back to his roots and support the club he grew up with to further opportunities for young athletes in the sport of ski jumping.  As it stands now, The Minneapolis Ski Club is one of the largest ski jumping clubs in the Midwest. They specialize in cultivating professional athletes bound for World Cups and Olympic level competitions.  Based at the Bush Lake Ski Jumps in Bloomington, MN for more than 100 years (yes, before Bloomington was even an incorporated city) The Minneapolis Ski Club operates as a non-profit and is led by Chris Broz and a number or other passionate volunteers.  This team is dedicated to growing the sport and providing a top-notch facility that can be enjoyed by athletes from around the world for years to come.

Broz is the Real Estate Team Leader for The Brozville Group at RE/MAX Advantage Plus. He has incorporated his passion project of ski jumping into his business plan and his team offerings. The team donates thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours each year into the local non-profit. As title sponsor to the annual International Ski Jumping competition in Bloomington, the Brozville Group leverages the prominence of the spectacular event as a client appreciation event.

“It’s truly remarkable to stay top of mind with this unique opportunity for our friends and family, as well as past, present and future clients,” shares Broz. “This event draws thousands of spectators, flocking from across the Twin Cities every year, and is a great way to showcase our brand and commitment to our clients.”

Within the coming years, keep your eyes to the skies as the Brozville Group with RE/MAX Advantage Plus continues to host larger scale events including National Championships, Men’s Continental Cups and Women’s World Cup Events during not only chilly winter months, but summer festivals as well! The Brozville Group at RE/MAX Advantage Plus is truly above the crowd!

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