Lead generation, content marketing, email drip campaigns… there are so many ways to generate consistent leads and to expand the reach of your business. What is clear is that you need to develop and implement a consistent lead generation strategy. To find out how, read our tips below.

What You Need: The Basics

Generating leads begins with having the right business infrastructure to accept your incoming leads. This means that you can start to create an online and offline presence for your business that caters to the type of customers that you want to attract. While it’s entirely up to you what channels you’d like to use, the most important include:

  • Real Estate Website
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Account
  • Business Cards

Think Like Your Ideal Real Estate Leads

This means that you must start to think like your customer. How can you reduce the barriers to contacting you and make the process as seamless as possible? First, you must remember that each of your prospective clients have different needs and may therefore be searching for information on different platforms. This means that an effective strategy must be multi-pronged starting with a website but also including a presence on social media channels. Consider developing a Facebook business page, start an Instagram and account, and do not forget to include Youtube and email marketing campaigns. No matter which platforms you choose to use, be sure to keep your contact information accessible and highly visible at every touchpoint along the customer journey. Make it easy for them to find you!

Your lead generation strategy begins with knowing your prospective client’s demographic information. Who are they, and where are you most likely to reach them? Consider key characteristics including age, average household income, and lifestyle choices. For example, if your real estate business specifically targets high-end customers that have a high average household income, are mature in age and spend the majority of their time on the internet on Facebook and Instagram, your content should reflect the most high-end homes within your portfolio and showcase the luxury benefits that would appeal to your target customer most.

Consistent Marketing Equals Consistent Leads

Marketing within the real estate industry can include an endless amount of strategies and tactics that all lead to one goal: get more leads. One overarching strategy is to continuously use your expertise to create valuable content that can then be used and repurposed across all customer touchpoints.

Eliminating barriers can help your ideal clients find you without hesitation. But on the flip side, creating minor barriers such as email opt-ins on your website with a free piece of content on the other side of that sign-up entices customers to connect with you. This free piece of content can include a guide to help your customers decide on the types of homes that they are looking for or a community and amenity guide to communities within the area.

When your customer gives you permission to email them through this opt-in, take it as a serious compliment and a valuable opportunity to connect with them, provide value and keep yourself top of mind as they begin to dive deeper into their real estate journey.

Provide Value

Every interaction with your customers gives you an opportunity to provide value. Providing value to your clients begins with effective, professional advice and communications but should also include free substantive content such as relevant market data. But Remember, providing value doesn’t end when your client has reached out to you. Once a client has expressed interest and opted to work with you, you can still benefit from leaving a lasting positive impression on your clients. By doing this, you can create ambassadors for your services and promote the one type of marketing that you can’t pay for, word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-mouth marketing is highly valuable and can create a steady stream of referral business which could then reduce the need for other more costly marketing strategies. According to an article by GrowthHouse, referrals can generate up to 85% of your business and cost nothing. In addition, when the transaction is over and customers leave the closing table satisfied with the real estate services that you have provided them, you have created a great opportunity for them to provide a positive testimonial that you can then use on your website and social media platforms.

Offline Marketing Tactics Work Well, Too!

In today’s marketplace, it’s easy to be drawn to the many digital marketing ideas at our fingertips, but some tried-and-true offline marketing tactics are still relevant and can prove to be just as beneficial. Open houses have traditionally been an important part of any Marketing strategy and provide buyers with an important opportunity to tour a home and see its features up close and personal. With the advent of virtual technology, it is also now possible to conduct virtual tours and open houses for buyers who might not be able to attend the open house in person. When holding an open house, some items to consider including are:

  • Signs, signs and more signs
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Newsletters with Market Data

Start Gaining Real Estate Leads Today

Like every real estate agent, your goal is to get more real estate leads for your business for both buyers and sellers. With consistent and intentional marketing strategies that include the tactics listed above, you will undoubtedly notice an increase in clients that are both looking to buy and sell their homes.

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