Frank J. Polzler

Chairman and Co-Founder

Frank J. Polzler is Chairman and Co-Founder of the RE/MAX INTEGRA Group of Companies. With his business partner, Walter Schneider, Polzler has played an instrumental role in changing the real estate framework.

In 1980, they acquired the Eastern Canadian rights to RE/MAX and propelled the innovative new concept to unprecedented success. Polzler and Schneider subsequently went on to drive RE/MAX growth throughout multiple regions in the United States.

Frank Polzler

After having conquered North America, Polzler and Schneider focused on a more global vision, founding RE/MAX Europe, a model that is credited with revolutionizing, modernizing and standardizing the real estate profession in Europe. The global growth of the RE/MAX brand has been extraordinary. As the world’s largest franchisors, Polzler and Schneider represent 1/3 of the RE/MAX network, owning and operating the brand in 40 countries worldwide, with over 3,100 offices and an agent count of more than 45,000.

Polzler was born and raised near Graz, Austria and immigrated to Canada in 1953. Today, Polzler spends most of his time living in both Europe and Florida. In the summer, he vacations at his summer home near Bracebridge, Ontario. He is also a proud father of his two children, Pamela Alexander (CEO of RE/MAX INTEGRA) and Michael Polzler (Managing Director of RE/MAX Europe), his five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Polzler’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary capabilities are recognized globally. He is an industry trailblazer who continues to provide strong leadership and inspiration to thousands of Franchisees and Sales Associates.