Shelby Schneider McDonald

Vice President of Corporate Synergy, North America

Shelby Schneider McDonald, you could say was born with Real Estate in her blood — literally. Coming from a lineage of family members in real estate, she is no stranger to the industry.

Joining RE/MAX INTEGRA in 2010, Shelby has served in many roles within the company. Today, Shelby serves as Vice President of Corporate Synergy for INTEGRA’s North American operations, meeting regularly with ownership and the Senior Leadership Team to ensure company goals and objectives are met, while prioritizing company-wide needs. She also serves on the company’s Executive Council, is involved in building up the next generation of REALTORS, and most recently took ownership in the company.

In her early days, she was in instrumental in bringing the brand to the forefront in the social and digital space. In a mere two years, Shelby took the company from having nearly zero presence online to owning 60% of the conversation within their industry. This led to her role as Director of Public Relations and Communications for RE/MAX INTEGRA’s North American operations. In this role, Shelby made similar leapfrog strides, greatly surpassing their company’s closest competitor, particularly in the Canadian landscape, securing RE/MAX’s position as the trusted voice in real estate.

As Shelby continues to push the boundaries, it is without doubt that there are more game changing initiatives to come from this high performing young woman.

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her growing young family, travel, and even finds time to explore her passion for interior design by running a side business, renovating and decorating a select few client’s homes. Shelby graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with Distinction, receiving an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Minor in Business Administration.

Shelby Schneider McDonald