Brent Anderson, RE/MAX real estate agent with RE/MAX Lakes Area Realty out of Nisswa, MN, has spent the last 16 years climbing the club level ladder, achieving Platinum Club for the past two years. Though his early years were a little tough and he saw a few club level plateaus, Brent’s resilient nature and tenacity to keep trying proved tougher. He attributes these three things to his success:

  1. Mindset. “You have to be willing to give anything a shot. I called people, I asked questions. I tried selling land and commercial properties, too. I tried a lot of things, I sometimes failed, but I didn’t give up.”

  2. Prospect. “You have to actively look for business – everyday. I don’t just put a video out or an ad up and hope people call. I contact them through mail, text and phone. I make a lot of phone calls. It takes energy but it brings in business.”

  3. Communicate. “Talk to people, verbally communicate with them. Yes, you need to communicate with the client the way they want to communicate with you, but it’s hard to interpret the influx of a voice in a written word, so call them, too. After all, to get referrals, the people you’re working with have to like doing business with you. And talking to people, getting to know them, helps them get to know you as well.”

With RE/MAX, building a network is easy.

No matter where you go, RE/MAX is there. With presence around the globe, you have access to thousands of listings outside your local area, giving you an edge with clients looking to relocate or invest internationally. With over 35,000 RE/MAX Agents outside of Canada and the US, you have a global network to tap into – one that can grow your business dramatically, and help you cater to a whole new demographic. Our international website,, averages over 800,000 RE/MAX listings from 80+ countries, and your listings are automatically syndicated to it, with no extra effort from you. With a global network of over 120,000 Agents, your next deal could come from anywhere in the world!

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