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Hear from those who have been in your shoes.

Curious about what made these Broker/Owners choose a RE/MAX Franchise? Listen to their stories as well as Agent stories to learn how choosing RE/MAX bettered their business and their lives.

Why Former Independent Broker/Owner Tracy VanderWall Made the Switch to RE/MAX

“If you’re active in the real estate market, most of your clients are going to hire you first, but they’re going to want to know what’s behind you, what’s the power behind you. And RE/MAX is such a well-known brand and it’s the premier brand in the industry. And the public knows this so it’s always helpful when you walk in the door.”

Chuck Joesph, RE/MAX Executive Realty

“You’re all RE/MAX, and you all look like RE/MAX but at the end of the day, every office is different.”

Al Divirgilo, RE/MAX 360

“I tried to do it on my own as an independent, and it just didn’t work. I didn’t have the tools, I didn’t have the name behind me, I didn’t have any of the things that agents were looking for, so I partnered with RE/MAX and three  years later, I went from 1 agent to 27 and three offices in three different locations.”

Scotty Jones, RE/MAX Platinum

Why Do Our Broker/Owners and Agents Love RE/MAX?

Freedom to Create Their Destiny

A Brand That Fuels Their Business

Tools that Back Their Business

Endless Opportunities For Growth

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