Chris Arienti | RE/MAX Executive Realty

Many of our Broker/Owners have great stories of what led them to their careers at RE/MAX.

RE/MAX Executive Realty owner Chris Arienti started in the classroom. Quickly after graduating from, Arienti’s passion for the classroom led to him to kick off a career in special education in Boston. Arienti encouraged his students to set goals and was completely invested in helping each individual successfully reach those goals. As a result of his dedication to the students, Arienti quickly moved up the education ladder and ultimately found himself in a district position. This job, to his dissatisfaction, took him completely out of the classroom.

After 14 years in education, Arienti needed a change of scenery. He began his career in real estate and spent six years at Keller Williams. Arienti quickly settled into the role of team leader and recruited over 140 agents—reuniting with the mentorship he originally fell in love with.
Chris Arienti moved from Keller Williams to RE/MAX Executive Realty in Franklin, Massachusetts, where Arienti is now an owner.

Chris loves RE/MAX because of what the RE/MAX name means.

“That RE/MAX name means something. That was a surprise to me – how dedicated and tied to the brand the agents were. They really believe it, they believe in it, they believe it helps them with their business, they believe it gives them name recognition and notarier across the globe that they won’t have anywhere else. I would say to someone who is thinking about joining RE/MAX, you’re getting into an awesome field with the best company in the world and the most recognized brand in the world. With training, consultation, technology, support, all of the above, it’s really an awesome, awesome opportunity to grow your business, expand it, and to stay forever.”

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