The real estate industry is driven by brokerages and their real estate agents. A real estate franchise offers brokers the opportunity to start their own brokerage under a recognized, trusted brand with all the supports they need to be successful. They are, in essence, a ready-made brokerage. Brokers can set up shop with less stress, gain instant brand recognition to attract more clients, and in turn offer a more appealing package for real estate agents.

What Do Real Estate Franchises Offer?

From the broker’s perspective, franchise opportunities offer full support for their independence, without the many risks of going it alone. Franchising operations provide:

  • Brand recognition
  • Free national advertising
  • Ready-made promotional materials
  • The latest real estate tools and technology
  • Sophisticated training programs for real estate agents
  • A strong support network

The right franchising opportunity allows brokers to forge their own careers, with the support of a corporation, but without sacrificing their independence. You can still build your business based on your own culture and vision and leverage your entrepreneurial spirit. Your business success is still driven by your own passion, but you have the strength of an existing, established company backing you and your business. 

Opportunities for Brokers and Agents

 Real estate franchising offers opportunities to both brokers and agents. Today’s real estate franchises have an improved mindset that supports the entrepreneur while nurturing the team of real estate agents a broker manages. Clients identify real estate professionals who have the franchise name behind them allowing them to establish themselves more quickly. Training, streamlined onboarding, and real estate tools put success within reach of professionals who choose the franchise for their careers or brokerage opportunities. With the rapid change the real estate industry is experiencing today, both brokers and real estate agents have time to catch their breath and embrace change.

Because the franchise provides them with the tools they need to remain up to date on all aspects of the industry from leading-edge customer management systems to the latest in real estate marketing, they don’t struggle with changes that can slow their business down. The quality of services offered through a franchise streamlines the real estate transaction process and makes realtors jobs easier.

How Does Real Estate Franchising Work?

Brokers/Owners pay an upfront fee to purchase a real estate franchise, which varies depending on your situation. This averages an investment starting at $39,500 USD. This is a small investment as it covers both the franchise fee and all your startup costs. You then make contributions to the franchise company to cover the costs associated with the support they provide. Some franchises have customized options that allow a broker to choose the best set up for their needs, with a variety of franchise models available including:

  • Full-Service Brokerage: This model allows you to leverage your leadership experience and grow your team of real estate agents. You can start with a single location and choose to expand as your business becomes more successful. If you have a proven track record with high sales performance, this allows you to jump in feet first and continue to build on your success momentum.
  • Luxury: The luxury market has a certain allure making it one of the most attractive options for realtors who like a challenge. However, under a franchise, you have the tools you need to break into this lucrative market of high-end properties. You can build your brokerage and sell it as an established franchise to brokers who will be happy to pay top dollar to leverage your success.
  • Teams: If your strength as a leader is being wasted in your current situation, this opportunity allows you the chance to grow your own business and a lucrative asset you can sell when you are ready to move on or retire. You have the choice to go it alone or have a partnership with an existing owner.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Conversions: If you prefer to take acquire, sell to or merge with an existing successful brokerage, you can choose mergers, acquisitions, and conversions. You can latch on to established operations through a succession planning approach.

There are so many options for building a great franchise – and we want to help you decide which opportunity is best for you and your business. If you’re interested in partnering with RE/MAX INTEGRA and becoming a franchise owner, contact us today. 

This material is not an offering. The information in this material is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise; it is for informational purposes only.  A franchise is offered in many jurisdictions only by delivery of a franchise disclosure document to you in compliance with applicable franchise disclosure laws. Further, if you are currently affiliated with another franchisor, this material is not intended to offer a RE/MAX franchise or to solicit a change in affiliation. RE/MAX INTEGRA, 7101 Syntex Dr., Mississauga, ON, L5N6H5 Minnesota File No. F-1659