Many people are standing on the sidelines, questioning whether or not to make the next big jump in their career. Max Rea was there in 2014 when he was trying to decide whether or not to invest in a RE/MAX franchise.

He says he was “on the fence” when it came to making a change. But, after hearing a well-known speaker at R4, a premier RE/MAX event, he knew that buying a RE/MAX franchise was the right move.

Max Rea is now is one of three proud Broker/Owners of RE/MAX Excel in Schofield, WI. Since opening under the RE/MAX brand in 2014, the company has grown in agent count and increased production and transactions substantially. 

If you’re on the sidelines, wondering if a RE/MAX Franchise could be the right next step in your career, contact us today. It all starts with a zero-pressure conversation.