For over 40 years, our balloon has flown above the communities we serve. It’s no secret that our red-over-white-over-blue balloon symbolizes real estate, but even more than that it symbolizes professionalism, experience, and trust. 

That’s why agents – from independent and branded brokerages – often use this same branding in their marketing. Recently, we saw the power of the RE/MAX brand reinforced in a Trademark case in Canada, where the court announced that red-over-white-over-blue would indeed remain a RE/MAX trademark. This win reinforces that RE/MAX continues to be a well-recognized brand in consumers’ eyes and that our brand continues to be synonymous with real estate.

Agents don’t have to build a brand from scratch to have a successful business, and most end up spending thousands of dollars trying. We sat down with Chief Strategy Officer, Christopher Alexander, to get his thoughts about the trademark case and why he thinks the RE/MAX brand continues to draw the attention of consumers and agents alike.

We’ve Done The Work

RE/MAX has been a staple in the real estate industry for over 40 years. Founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, the RE/MAX brand has been at work for over four decades – building a culture and a brand that consumers can trust. 

“We’ve spent more than four decades, 100 of millions of dollars on building a brand to the point where consumers automatically associate it with real estate, excellence, and results,” said Christopher. “You would have to spend an absorbent amount of time and effort trying to recreate something that is already there for you. I encourage agents just to give it a chance. Give it a chance to be red over white over blue and see how it can help your business.”

Saves Agents Time At The Listing Table

Your job as a real estate agent is hard enough – it’s not easy having to sell yourselves multiple times throughout the day on listing appointments. What if the company you were with could help you get to that kitchen table faster and save you time during your listing presentation? 

When many agents from independent or less recognized brands make the switch to RE/MAX, almost all say this is exactly what the RE/MAX brand does for them. 

When agents come to RE/MAX, they almost all say, “‘I don’t have to explain what I do anymore. I don’t have to explain my company, and I save time not convincing them that the company I am with is a good one. They just automatically know it’s a good one because it’s RE/MAX,’” says Christopher.

Consumers Trust What They Know

In times of crisis, consumers tend to gravitate towards brands they know and trust. They want a brand with a proven track record and proof of success. RE/MAX has over 40 years of experience in the industry, a global network of top-producers, and leads the industry in brand awareness. That is why, to this day,  when asked to name a real estate brand, RE/MAX is the name people name first. 

“People feel more comfortable using products, services, and brands that they know and that they trust, said Christopher Alex. “If you’re not with a recognized brand that consumers really believe in, it’s going to make your job that much harder.”

We Provide the Blueprints for Success 

When you are a part of an independent brokerage or a real estate company with less training and support, agents find themselves spending a lot of time doing everything but selling real estate. With RE/MAX, you have the tools you need to succeed. With over 40 years in the business, we know what top producers need to succeed and the best way to deliver those tools to grow your business. 

We aren’t new to the industry. We aren’t testing out our process or making decisions as we go. Our company has a proven track record, and we have over 140,000 successful agents who can speak to being a part of the RE/MAX brand and reaping the benefits. 

“Our company was founded by top producing agents, and we understand to our core what top producing agents need to continue to thrive. We’re invested in this, and we’re not going anywhere,” says Christopher Alexander.

Being with RE/MAX Gives You Instant Credibility 

The RE/MAX name is synonymous with not only real estate, but also excellence. The agents at RE/MAX are known for being the best of the best and at the top of their game. The RE/MAX name symbolizes real estate because of the hard work and efforts of hundreds of thousands of real estate agents that have proudly displayed this when they work for RE/MAX. 

“When consumers hire a RE/MAX agent, they expect a professional – someone with experience, and they expect them to be better than people from other companies because that’s what we built our name on,” says Christopher Alex.

Are You Still Thinking Branding is Just a “Nice to Have”? 

When you’re thinking about your real estate career and your future, ask yourself, “would my personal brand win in court”? The RE/MAX brand has been at work for over 40 years, and it has helped millions of agents grow their business. 

People have challenged the trademark because they know how powerful it is. They know that a consumer associates that sign with – not only RE/MAX but with real estate,” says Christopher Alex. “If people are copying it and trying to take it away from us, it’s because they know that using that sign is a big advantage. Why don’t you come to the place where you can use it (without getting in trouble)?” 

Our door is always open and our brand is ready to be yours. Start exploring the opportunities today.